Downtown Toodeloo Rock & Rye

On your way to feeling alright 


Downtown Toodeloo Rock and Rye draws upon inspiration from nineteenth century pharmacists and taverners who served this medicinal liquor to treat ailments like the common cold, hay fever or even a case of the blues. As the old saying goes, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Our High Rye Light Whiskey is the foundation for this playful spirit married with Wisconsin made maple syrup, crystallized honey, cranberries and cosmic elixirs. A half step dance and song later, the honeybees give us wax from their honeycomb to seal the bottles with a hug from us to you. Enjoy a cup of rock and rye and you’re on your way to feeling alright! 


This rye whiskey is best drank neat or on the rocks. It goes down easy on its own or simply with seltzer water, which will allow you to enjoy all of the flavor from the oranges, lemons, maple syrup and honey.

Downtown Toodeloo Rock & Rye Whiskey 750 ML

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