Fieldnotes Organic Gin

You will taste the difference.

Every step of the process is handcrafted and made in house.

THIS NEW  AMERICAN STYLE GIN is distilled from organic corn to produce a clean yet fruity base spirit. We run a second distillation on our smaller 75 gallon still adding botanicals such as lavender, bay leaf, thyme and lemon.

OUR HANDCRAFTED GIN made from organic ingredients and sourced from local and regional family farmers as much as possible. We work with farmers who are growing open-pollinated crops which support pollinator habitat and healthy soil as well as a healthy environment for us all. These heirloom and open-pollinated crops also produce deeper and richer flavor profiles. 


The result is a very floral and herbaceous gin with citrus notes. It will make a great gimlet or martini and creates a fun twist on the classic gin and tonic. Patrons often tell us that they were never a gin drinker until they tried Fieldnotes Gin.


Organic Gin 750 ml

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