Broken Clock Lingering Vodka

Broken Clock Vodka 700 ml

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Reflect. Relax. Enjoy.

This quintessentially English vodka comes from English country gardens and Georgian era books and recipes. Above all else it is a characterful sipping vodka made for slow enjoyment.

Broken Clock is crafted by time in the North of England using time honored methods. A traditional copper pot still is used to subtly and slowly infuse the superior British wheat spirit with classic botanicals, one of which is organic, windfall apples gathered from the old orchard trees in the idyllic garden at Shandy Hall in North Yorkshire.

The result is a characterful and full bodied vodka with complex garden essences and a satisfyingly long, lingering finish.

And it is this distinctive taste which made Broken Clock the vodka of choice for the other expert bartenders who serve our vodka at some of Britain’s most respected bars.